Monday, August 3, 2009

Newletter and New Week

Well, Molly missed two days of work, due to the flu, and we just finished our newsletters that we were supposed to send out Friday. Oops... Behind schedule already! The truth is, if Molly was "up and at 'em," they would have been done, but she wasn't. She was stuck in bed making jewelry or sleeping. She wants to show you her jewelry sometime soon. It was her first real attempt at making jewelry other than strung beads. We'll post it soon. She made over ten pieces.

Our new week started off with a Monday night chicken dinner that was made with bad chicken. Hopefully we stay healthy... Neither of us finished a piece, I don't think. Too bad, too! It was the best job Molly's ever done frying chicken. At least they looked good!

We're continuing to work on collecting video at TECH. Hopefully we'll have more people for you to meet soon!


  1. You get flu following bad chicken? Hmmm...

    Nice videos. Miss you guys.


    And what came first, the chicken or the flu... the philosophical question of old. In this case... the flu came before the chicken... :)


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