Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In Shiashie (in Accra, Ghana), the Calvary Baptist Church is currently meeting in a large tent.  Matt has been working under Bob Schill on the designs (some designing, but mostly drafting and CAD drawings) for the church building that you have seen before, possibly, and he has even developed an animation.  We'll publish the animation for you eventually, but for now, here is the beautiful rendering he created (THIS BUILDING IS NOT YET BUILT):

 This rendering, his other drawings and the animation will be used to help the believers in Shiashie see what their building will look like.  This will help them get a better feel for what they are paying for instead of just showing them the floor plans.


You may remember the drawings shown of Calvary Baptist Church in Shiashie/Accra, Ghana.  Matt put together an animation (you know about it if you've been reading our prayer requests), and we wanted to show it to you.  This is the animation that Bob Schill will be able to show the church who is planning to build this church.  This is the first time TECH has ever done anything like this.  Matt wanted y'all to know that this is the smallest file he could make of this video, so the quality is much poorer than the original.  But anyway, take a look: 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Graphics Projects from this Past Week

By Molly

Last week I worked on another project for Pastor Metz of Kilgore.  He is doing a sermon series about the Corinthian church and Paul's letters which were to help them rethink their actions.

He called me to ask me to design another photo... this one much more simple than the babies.  :)  In order to help me get a grasp on what I was going to do, I looked up images that might portray the same idea that Pastor Metz wanted.  This is what I found:

... and this is what I made:

My manager, James, actually posed for this.  There were a couple of great expressions, but this one was the winner.  :)   Oh!  And the mechanic was NOT originally working on an engine.  And that engine would NOT need to be worked on because it is very much a brand new Ford engine.  :)  This was a quick project... about two and a half hours total, including the changes after the first draft.

This week I also finished the mini x-pole displays that are for Ernest Ehabe of Bread for Life.  They are 14"x10", and they are used to be a quick form of information for whoever carries them.  They're called an "x-pole" because the back of the hardware holding them up forms an X.

There are 5 that we're shipping today.  We are also shipping a retractable display, which stands about 7 feet.  Ernest wanted it to be with the same information as the X-Poles PLUS more because it will stand alone in their guest hut and in one other location where guests will stay who are not completely familiar with the organization.  Here is what one of the retractables looks like:

I also worked on changing the coffee label you've seen earlier, though I'm not done with that.  Trees of Hope is putting out tiny bags with their newsletter attached, and they needed labels to match.  Here is what I've come up with so far (the bag is a forest green):

These projects have been the main ones over the last two weeks.  Each week we pray for the clients we are serving and their ministries, and we try to e-mail them with encouragement.  You can check out some of the clients listed at their websites:  www.treesofhopefund.org, www.breadforlife.org and http://www.kilgorebiblechurch.org/kbc/index.php.  

Maybe YOU can find a way to encourage them as well!

Matt's Project: Pixelated Version :)