Friday, October 26, 2012

Life is Short

Several things in the past month have really helped me step back and think about the gift that life is. I sometimes take it so lightly, assuming with a sigh, sometimes, that tomorrow I'll have to do such-and-such because it's on the calendar, or that next week we'll see so-and-so, and I just continue on with my life, looking at my silly calendar and writing in it all the details that don't often take place (especially when I write "what I'll get done").

Today I learned that a college friend of ours has a serious form of cancer. He has two boys and a terrific wife. He's our age.

Reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan with our small group reminded me that as Chan talks about doing unexpected funerals nearly every week, and looking at the shocked families... tomorrow is never promised.

We miscarried Sammy's baby brother or sister this month. We had "done everything right," receiving progesterone shots, just like with Sam, but the baby didn't survive. We had thought this time--- for the first time ever--- that the baby would really make it, since Samuel did. We were wrong.

Our time on earth is short, and it could be much shorter than we expect. Our loved ones' time here might be shorter than we expect. As Thanksgiving and Christmas are both approaching, I really want to weigh this fact in my heart, expressing gratitude to the Father for time with our friends and family, and also do a better job of showing loved ones how much they are treasured.

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