Fun Days In Longview

Here is where we'll archive some events with pictures!  Enjoy!

Christopher's and Rachel's birthday gathering at Sonic (where Chris works)

Northwood Friends Clockwise: Matt, Karla, Becky, Kenzie, Grisella, Christopher, Rachel, Ron and Gail.
Gail's first time ordering from Sonic.  I wish I videotaped this.
Cuteness. (He bought us Sundaes!)
Birthday kids: Chris is now 20 and Rachel is 22!
Tough Stuff!
Tough Stuff II
Grisella's beautiful... wish this wasn't blurry!!!
Chris looks suspicious...
A quick wave (Gail is still ordering, but the reinforcements have arrived.)
Rachel dips her fries.  :)
Karla now has green hair, but this changes weekly.  :) (Becky is next to her, but I never got a clear photo of her!!!)
Cute tattoos on Rachel's feet.
For our fun, Christopher dressed up as the iced Cherry Lemonade!!!!  (Videos to come!) 

For more photos of this night, click HERE.

Austin's Going Away Party at the Comroes

Lots of people in one house!
Back of Austin's head, Doug, David, Bill, Joe and Matt
Teri and Lynella with sweet, sweet grins
Lynella, Joel and Alex propped up behind!
Teri and Brenna--- the mother-daughter duo
The Meadows are great listeners!  (L-R Alex, Kay and Tim)
Lynella, Harmony and Joel
Birne, Ruth and James
Mr. President :)
With a few working outside on Austin's longboard, the rest of the gang is in visiting.

Matt's Project: Pixelated Version :)