Monday, January 7, 2013

On His Level

Something we're learning: Get on Sammy's level. Like... literally. On the floor, hands and knees. Doing this helped him crawl! I was on the floor, laying at eye-level with him, and I kept cheering for him to come closer to me. "Come on, buddy! You can do it!" And I had a music-making toy in my hands that he wanted. He reached. He was close. I scooted back. He pulled himself closer and reached. Close. I scooted back. Etc.

Being down at his level makes him see us, too. Usually he's so focused on his books or blocks, that when we call him, he glances, then goes back to "work." When we are down with him, he locks eyes with us, laughs with us, furrows his eyebrows and "explains" things to us... When we pop up on our two feet, he looks away and begins working busily again.

When we're down on his level we can see what he sees. Ahhh... Daddy left his socks under the chair. Ew. That's why Sammy kept trying to get under the chair. Or Hmmm... maybe I should sweep... AGAIN. Pine needles fell.

Makes sense, right?

Just thinking a little today about what it takes to be on others' levels before deciding how they do or should see the world... Also thinking about what it might be like for new believers to have someone who has known God for awhile to slow down and encourage them.... look them in the eye at eye-level for once.

And I'm also thinking about how CRAZY it is that the God of the universe thought it was important to get on eye-level with us. Rebellious, hateful people, his enemies. What possessed him?

I know the answer that that one: Love.

Love brought him down to our level, and it brings us into His presence. Because He came down where we could see Him, we can lock eyes with His, you know? His love compells us to talk to Him, explain with furrowed brow the things that concern us and busy us.

But how hurt He must feel when He's here--- at eye-level--- and we stay busy with our little blocks and books, and ignore Him calling us.

All this is so raw; I'm just now starting to think on it. :)

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