Current Prayer Requests

 UPDATED: 8/1/11

- Matt will have an opportunity to experience courage--- He's going to Africa tomorrow! His French is so-so, but fortunately this is an ENGLISH-speaking part of Cameroon!  :)

- Molly got even ANOTHER student to teach on Fridays!  Please keep praying! (This makes the "count" 6 students!  Praise God for His provision!

- The inside of our house is almost all done!?!  A couple windows to put trim on, but otherwise we're there!!!  So excited to sit on something other than a box/bin for supper now!!!!! Praise God for that experience of not having all the comforts so we can appreciate SO MUCH having a table and couch, etc.

This week please pray for...

Matt and Molly Together and TECH Team:
  • Matt's trip to Africa: Safety, endurance, health, gaining wisdom/insight from Bob Schill (his mentor)... and Molly back home that she'd not worry.
  • Finances in general--Missionary TECH Team has asked us to raise more support.
  • continued growth as disciples.
  • rest.
  • Friendships with neighbors
  • courage
  • preparation for the tests that he will begin taking soon to get licensed as an architect.
  • working on schematic design for Calvary Baptist Church in Ghana
  • beginning the planning for Missionary Village Ministries
  • continued growth as a leader.  
  • working to learn French to be able to interact with clients in Africa
  • Graphics in general; we want to serve our clients well, and sometimes it's hard to meet the needs they have.  Please pray that we could serve WELL.
  • Humility at the mission--- that I might be able to accept design criticism and look for ways to improve (and not be afraid of correction).
  • wisdom
  • Musical opportunities; finding more ways to honor God through music

We would like to also be praying for you; please send us your prayer requests at 
THANK YOU for praying!

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