Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Ackermans are ALL growing...

Not much to say, but Matt and I are attending some pretty neat leadership workshops at Missionary TECH Team. They are based around the book Leadership 101 by John C. Maxwell. We're learning a lot... and let me say that this weekly workshop plus all the books we're reading at home are packing our brains with great information and ideas! Not only that, but this new knowledge is going to help us more efficiently and effectively serve the Lord. Pretty cool stuff...

Some things we're learning that we should be: budgeting (via Dave Ramsey), prioritizing (John Maxwell), expressing thanks and love (Ken Blanchard), praying for our brothers and sisters around the world (Voice of the Martyrs), setting goals (John Maxwell), relying on the Holy Spirit's real power (Francis Chan), listening to what God is saying through the whole text of the Bible (Larry Crabbe), and Spanish (I have NO idea what Matt's curriculum is). All that to say, we're learning a lot now as we invest our time in reading and reflecting. (We decided that since we have some quiet before bed, we should take advantage of it while we can...)

So we're growing a bit.

And our little guy is growing, too. This is December's scanned ultrasound 4-D picture of our sweetie. He's quite a bit bigger and chubbier now. In FACT, we had an ultrasound at the beginning of this month (a month after the one shown), and the ultrasound tech said, "WHOA! He as chubby cheeks!" It cracked me up. He's gaining good weight. He's over 2 pounds now, and on his way up. At this week's appointment, my doctor said he's measuring perfectly, and all seems to be in place! Thank you for praying, guys. It appears we may carry him full-term and be parents! How strange to wrap my mind around that. Meet our little man:

(You're looking at his profile, and his arm is bent with his hand near his ear. He kept trying to cover his face, and he finally let us see his eye and nose, so the tech quickly grabbed this pic.)

So this is all I have for you today! Hopefully soon I'll have another newsletter to post!!!  :)

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