Monday, April 5, 2010

Facilities Planning Update

(From Matt)

This past week I was able to work with Bob Schill, the senior architect at MTT who lives out of state, and we were able to make some progress on the Jubilee Campus planning in Shiashie, Ghana.  On this campus I am working on developing the plans for the church, which will seat over 1,000 attendees.  This is the same church I've mentioned in an earlier newsletter, I believe.   Plans for a campus of this extensiveness can take some time!  Here are some drawings of the church/campus development thus far.  These are sketches done by Bob, and the floor plan I developed on AutoCAD.

Bob focuses more on overseas projects at Missionary TECH Team, and architect Ken Selden focuses more on stateside church planning.  He is also permanently located out-of-state (working from home), but he has been in town since January.  He had me do a rendering of Lighthouse Baptist church in Kansas.  This is how the rendering turned out:

Bob recently brought me another project to work on.  It's a medical clinic in Burundi, a small country in Eastern Africa.  (For more info. about Burundi, see  The clinic needs a maternity ward and additional space, so Bob is currently doing the master planning, and I am helping with document compilation and AutoCAD drawings.

Molly and I are planning to tell you soon about our quick visit to Elgin, Illinois, where we did some TECH recruiting.  We are encouraged by the interest the students at Judson University ( showed.

All of that to come!

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  1. Very cool new look you two. :) I like it... keep up the good work. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and I'm so proud of you.


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