Monday, April 5, 2010

Graphics Update

(From Molly)

As you probably know, I am a graphic artist in the Graphic Services department.  I am loving it!!!  I have designed, or assisted in the production of, a handful of projects , including (but not limited to---- I think that tag goes on there) the following:

(Panels for MTT's Computer Services department  

(Front and back labels for Hope Coffee 

(Adobe Software users needed for MTT's Graphics Services

(Cover/layout design for initial version of the TECH Intercessor; 
a newsletter sent out from MTT every two months)

(Kids Alive display layout planning and photo editing

I'm quite enthusiastic about being able to hone in on artwork as one of my forms of worship.  Artwork has always had to be one of those things I would get to do if I had most everything else completed.  With it being my top priority now, I've enjoyed growing accustomed to making it my most frequent offering.  Unfortunately I've finished some weeks, realizing that the entire week I've wasted as I had treated the workday as "just another workday."  No matter where God has called me... to teach, to design displays, to clean bathrooms... aren't I supposed to use my time to worship the Lord?  I fall short of that more than I'd like to admit.  I'm excitedly anticipating more weeks to let God take my creativity as an offering and use my time to worship Him, as I continue to discipline myself to do just that!

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