Thursday, February 25, 2010

A little Rumpled

I don't need to mention that we haven't written for awhile. I also don't need to make a note that I have YET to finish the Christmas video I started... and it's February now (actually... it's almost March)!

I feel so behind.

I have a package to send to Elgin that I know will arrive late, because it's for my sister's birthday that was in December, and it has presents in it for my other sister and my dad, whose birthdays are this weekend.

I printed 200 copies of our news update for November and December, and I still haven't sent them to everyone... (what do I do about that?!)

I have about 15 Thank You's to write still; some of those are from Christmas! I also have to respond to several friendly letters.

I haven't scrubbed the floors of Stone House for over a month now.

I've only done one load of laundry in the past two weeks, and it's still in the dryer.

These last several months I've just felt like Sidney. Do you remember him from Phil Vischer's book? (He's the messy one in front of the blue door.) I feel like lately I have really lost my grip on things. [Everything at TECH is great. I'm keeping up... even if it means printing brochures until midnight, so that it is done.] I just see these other things that are NOT getting done, and I feel a bit, well, rumpled.

And I know that there are "Normans" looking at me... wondering why I don't have all my ducks in a row. The truth is, I can't figure out how they CAN have ducks in a single file. I suppose we just puzzle each other. I just wish I could be a Norman... about something. Maybe for a day. That way I would know that I am much happier being a Sidney who is just loved so much by God, than a Norman who needs to be disciplined for his pride. You know what would be REALLY cool? Is if I wouldn't even notice that I was a reflection of Sidney. It would be awesome if I kept a one-track mind---swerving AWAY from introversion and just staring right at Christ. THAT would be cool. I hope that soon I can grow out of this stage of thinking I'm the star of this movie where I really am just appearing for a split second as an extra. -- Francis Chan

That's probably all I have for tonight as I wait for these brochures to be printed. I'm so thankful for the ministry team I get to be on. It's really starting to feel like a family to me, and I'm so glad. Tomorrow Matt and I are staying until ten with a work crew from Kilgore Bible Church that's coming out to help us clean up renovation dust and the like. :) It should be a neat party.


  1. Molly, I love you.

    I also want you to know that no matter how "Norman" the people around you appear, there tends to be something in everyone's life that is making them feel rumpled. Please remember that you bring sunshine to so many people...and we so appreciate it!

    Okay, another thing is...please tell me you don't hand scrub all your floors. If so, STOP IT! I don't mean you can't ever again, but don't try to do that each time. Grab one of those quickie mop things (I like the ones I can spin :)) and go at it. It's very quick.

    Sometimes when I am overwhelmed with all that needs to be done (not me!?!), even a quick job like that seems like too much to do. Then what you do is just decide to fill the bucket. That's it. Don't commit to mopping the floor or even part of the floor. Just fill the bucket. You'll be amazed at the inspiration that hot soapy water sitting in that little old pail can create.

    I think that's enough bossy big sister advice. Now I must leave and fill MY bucket! :)

    Again...I love you. So much.

    ~a Sidney in disguise

    PS~ My "STOP IT" remark came after having seen this:

    It's very funny, but very thought provoking.

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  3. I am more Sidney than YOU are. You just think about THAT!

    And remember how cute Sidney was in that video.

    And be sure to look at that YouTube that Katie posted. It is great!


  4. Molly, remember what God told Sidney?
    First of all, I love you.
    Second of all, I love you.
    And third, I love you.

    And HE does love you... a lot. I'm happy to know that you you're normal and not on top of everything. If you were, I'd get worried and demand you go to the doctor. I'm not on top of things either, Girl. And besides... I LIKE MY BIRTHDAY TO LAST A LONG TIME! So there. :)

    Love you!


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