Friday, July 31, 2009

Meet Larry

Larry works in Graphic Services. This video was taken first thing in the morning when we came in and found that the air wasn't working... only in our department. He's very frustrated about the air, but he agrees to the video anyway. What a guy!

This next video is a quick "hello" to Ken Foster and a tour around FP and Graphic Services. There's more to the building, and there's more to the people here, but this is just quick. There is be more. You'll get to see Ken in another video soon... and MORE pictures.
Now, I should get back to resting. I'm a bit sick, which gave me time to put these on the blog. Enjoy it while I sleep! We'll post more soon!


  1. Yeah! I'm with Darryl! :)

    (It was fun to look around your office, though. Thanks!)


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