Sunday, August 16, 2009

Country Gospel Jam

Friday night the Foster family, Joel, Birne and Lynella came over to Stone House for a little jam session. We all played or sang, and we rotated instruments now and then. Songs ranged from "I'll Fly Away" to "Long Black Train." Some songs we played three times (ahem). Matt and I sure enjoyed playing with them. We hit the sack at about midnight.
(Ken, Molly, Matt--being goofy--, Holly, Joel)
(Molly and Matt)
(Molly and Matt)
(Ken and Lisa)
(Holly, Matt and Joel)
(Birne and Lynella)
(Birne, Lynella, Ken, Lisa, Holly, Matt and Joel)
(Holly, Matt and Joel)

It was a fun night, and we're all looking forward to another time we can sit down and play some more! Ken and Lisa taught me a bit of the mandolin, and I'm excited to learn more from them!

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  1. Thanks for posting those pictures.  Looks like a lot of fun!


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