Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Church Search

I don't have anything particular to say about our hunt for a church... just that I hope ya'll will keep praying that we find a church soon. I admire those who can slip into any church and make it their home. In fact, I always wondered why a person DID have to look around for awhile to find a "fit." I suppose sin/discord is what split the paths of different churches in the beginning, and now the U.S. is filled with all kinds of options: styles of music, quality of songs chosen, styles of preaching, quality of sermons preached, number of internal ministries and to what ages those ministries apply, number of outreach types, views of missions, doctrine varieties, formality of worship service... and the list goes on. It's like ordering a drink at Starbucks. You put all your favorites together in one cup, and the drink is a perfect match for you! --Grande chai latte, two extra pumps of chai, soy milk, no water. -- (Actually, try that one! It's the best!)

I'm quite sad, actually. Sad that churches have realized that there are people searching for the right service for them, so they have tried to accommodate those seekers. "What do the majority of the people want from a church, and how can we give it to them?" What is church anymore? Is it merely the display of the outward gifts all in one hour? Does it resemble anything like it used to when the Church first began? I'm tired. I don't want to go to another church that boasts of its music, its large choir or its grand building. I just want to go to a church that is growing disciples and helping them see how God wants to use them, first in their community, then let God tell them from there.

Please don't misunderstand. I am certainly NOT saying to get rid of the organized church. I'm just thinking we should look more carefully at why we place in our service what we place in there. Do we have a special song in the service because a particular person felt moved to share a message through music with the congregation? Or is it just a hurry-and-find-a-piece-because-I'm-on-the-schedule song being shared in church? (Which, by the way, I'm guilty of doing.)

Needless to say, though we've visited some super churches overall, I'm struggling to even care for one of them. Though Matt and I are BOTH going questioning much of these things, in his wisdom he is able to also allow himself to truly enjoy many different styles of churches. I am so thankful that I have him and his upbeat approach to help me work through difficult issues. It is wonderful that he is upbeat, but it is definitely his wisdom that makes him like Christ and his ability to show me my sin in wanting to pull away from the mainstream church because I am beginning to strongly disagree with it. He's right is saying that I should love all people where they are, as Christ loves me right where I am... which is no where near where He plans to bring me! (Thank you, Matt, for reminding me how far from Christ I really am!) :0)

So, onward, Christian soldiers... right? We'll keep looking. Please keep praying for us as we go through our church search.

-Posted by Molly.

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  1. Praying for you! I love you guys and miss you like crazy!!


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