Friday, December 4, 2009

Update on Molly's Surgery

Just thought I'd let you in on this week's adventures with the Ackerman Duo. My surgery went well, I think. No news on the liver, which I'm assuming is good news. (For those who did not know, I had my gallbladder removed. I've been pretty sick for awhile, and it's finally out!!!)

I had an allergic reaction to Vicodin that was prescribed, but we didn't know that I was reacting until the next day. We didn't realize that the underwater-I-can't-breathe-anymore feeling mixed with the very itchy skin might be a negative reaction to the medication. I suppose that I've never been allergic to anything before, so we didn't recognize it.

So every 4 hours Matt would wake up and give me my 2 Vicodin and some fresh water in my liddy-cup, readjust my pillows, and kiss me goodnight again for the next four hours. Finally I told him that I couldn't sleep well, and that I was so uncomfortable (I also couldn't see straight), and I just wanted to get off the Vicodin, but he convinced me to take just one pill. So I took one, and he read somewhere that I was showing bad allergy symptoms, so he called the number on the prescription bag.

When he finally talked to someone (he left a message and never heard back), they called in a new prescription for me, but it made me too fuzzy, still, so I decided to stay off that stuff. I'm only taking Ibuprofen, and I took a Tylenol today, too. So... all that to say that I'm a wee bit sore, and I'm not able to do everything I wanna do, but we did have the TECH Women over today. Matt helped with every bit of it, including breakfast! He is such a trooper! Even when we're in the car he remembers to go slowly over (or even drive around) bumps in the road because they rattle my guts and stitches. HOWEVER, he forgets to not be funny, and he's made me pop a few stitches!!!! :)

All that to say I'm healing and very grateful for a clear mind and eyes that can focus on this screen. I hated the moment I went to write a note and I couldn't make sense of what my pen was doing on the paper... but now things are making a little more sense. (Maybe not to you, the reader, but at least a little sense to me, the writer!)

Matt worked yesterday and today, and I'm planning to be back on Monday. I'm looking forward to feeling all normal again! My bedroom smells like flowers from sympathetic bystanders, and the house smells like Christmas due to fabulous candle-burning! I should probably take a nap before my violin lesson. I'll try to write more soon! (Maybe you'll hear from Matt soon, too!)

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  1. So glad you're feeling better!  You both are in my prayers.


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