Saturday, December 5, 2009

Matt's Favorite Sweater

Did you know it SNOWED yesterday? Okay, okay... in Illinois we call it a light flurry, but Matt and I stood at the doorway and watched the silent film along with a couple of mesmerized neighbors. It was quite exciting for me, but I found out that we did NOT beat Elgin to the finish line of First Day of Snow. We tied for first! (Good work, Elgin!) :) Anyway, it's cold here. Cold-ish, at least. Sweaters are out, hats and gloves are encouraged, and the heat is cranked (which makes me cranky, but that's beside the point...).

This morning Matt was wearing his favorite gray and blue striped zip-up sweater with his plaid green and navy fleece pants when we got up for breakfast. He wears that sweater everywhere in the winter, and it's quite a compliment to me, because I personally LOVE sweaters, and I found him a few at the thrift store a year or two ago, and this one was a hit with him.

After we ate and came back to the bedroom, he said, "Molly! Look what I can do," and he unzipped his sweater from the bottom to show his bellybutton. At first I thought it might be broken, so I said, "Oh no!"

He said, "No, look!" And he unzipped the top to meet the other zipper. He played with it over and over, so that he could get different "looks" with each zip. "Why would they do that?" he asked.

"Why would they do that on a MEN'S sweater?" I added. Our eyes both got wide, and he whipped the sweater off and examined the tag. I tried to see what it said, but he just grinned.

He said, "It isn't big at all on me. Can you guess what size it is?"

I shrugged, but thinking it may be a women's sweater, I guessed, "Is it an extra-extra large?"

He grinned back at me. "Yeah! And it's from GAP! Well... maybe a guy who shops at GAP would want a sweater that can do that cool trick, so maybe it IS a men's sweater!"

We both doubt it. .

One cool thing about Matt is that he's so comfortable with who he is and what he likes, that he'll probably proudly wear that sweater for a long time to come. I really admire that about him.

Ha ha. Matt likes to wear women's clothes.


  1. Hey there! I too, got a sweater at a thrift store here in Cook, MN. It was a brown wool zippered sweater (cardigan?) made in Italy. Definitely a men's sweater, but it also zips from the bottom up and the top down. I also was experimenting with different looks, including the "Bad Vato" look with just the very top zipped, but I was doing this at work, so they thought I was nuts, of course. Go Matt!!

  2. Before you said it was GAP, I was wondering if the brand was "Miss-Terious." ;)

  3. Any zippered coat I've had used a 2-way zipper like that...  But even if it turns out to be normal, that doesn't mean the wearer is.

  4. Guys shop at the Gap... right?

    Anyway; you guys are so cute and funny. I miss you SO MUCH!!!


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