Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Few Photos from Thanksgiving in Elgin

Right now I'm on break, and I wanted to share some cute pictures that I happen to have with me at work. These aren't the best quality--- I'm not a great photographer--- but these kids are all top quality.

This is Evie on top, Eloise seated on the bottom, and Laurel standing on the trundle.

Here they are again.
This is prayer time with Katie and Paul. They are all sharing little stories and ideas, and after this shot was taken, they prayed together. We have Pigtail Olivia, Shiny-Cheeks Eloise, Puffed-Sleeves Evie, Good-Listener Laurel, Cozy-Clothes Jackson, Restfully-Relaxed Peyton, Cuddling Abigail, Hidden Katie, and Standing Paul.

These sweet people clockwise from the fireplace are my dad; my cousin, Sally, my sister, Katie, my sister, Jessica, Matt, my niece, Audrey, and my brother-in-love, Ben. Missing from the picture are Paul, Jeff, Sarah, and my mom. Oh... and all the kids in the other photos.

I miss my family!

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  1. Well, if you miss 'em so much, why dontcha go visit them?

    Nice photos, for a Southerner.


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