Sunday, November 15, 2009

October Visit and November's Talent

There are approximately 2 months of activities missing from our lives on our blog because we didn't write for awhile, so we'll catch you up little by little (paso a paso?) working backwards. In October, my sister Jessica and her family drove all the way down to visit us! We spent Thursday evening (a short time for me) with them through Monday afternoon. They were able to attend Missionary TECH Team's 40th anniversary service with us, and we spent some time hanging out at Stone House and seeing a couple of places here in Texas. You might have read on her blog that we went to Caddo Lake, but didn't get to do the boat ride, since the water was too high (for a boat ride?), but we did get to go hiking and experience the wildlife... or mosquitoes. We all served at least one mosquito a nice meal as we hiked. Matt did not have good battery life that weekend (actually, in many senses of the word...), but we took these pictures of my sweet family:

The kite is UP!!!

The kite is down.

Evie Bird's Perch.

My beautiful sister

The French toast for the birthday breakfast we put on for the three little ladies

Decorations in the dining room

The girls first walk our and wonder about the balloons (you can see one is already air borne)

Evie's shy face. (:

We played games that morning and listened to some great ukulele music by Evie and Eloise. (Uncle Matt has a uke that we tuned into a major chord, and the girls strummed and sang their hearts out in some amazingly arranged ballads about God and stars and things!)

We sure miss them! It was weird to watch them perform, and for those moments of their stardom to be special moments, when before, they were such a routine sort of thing, you know, "Okay, Evie, I'll listen to your song in a couple minutes... Okay?" And I took it more for granted than I realized. It is such a treat to hear a made up song by a child. Especially a child who is part of your family! I was just so used to being around these scrappy kids, that I thought it was normal. It's not normal. It is so special, and I'll try my hardest to never take those shows for granted ever again.

So... because I liked their talent shows so much, I'm arranging a talent show for my whole family for Thanksgiving. Each act has to be super silly, though no one is as into it as I am. I have a feeling once the children see it, they'll wanna participate, probably. I must say though that Matt and I have an AMAZING talent planned, and it has NOTHING to do with a unicycle or juggling. It's BETTER! :) Maybe... We'll blog about it after the fact.

Well, we'll catch you up on more activities we missed writing about another time!

'Til then!

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