Friday, November 6, 2009

A King for a Day

Yesterday was Matt's birthday. We weren't going to celebrate it until NEXT Friday because of a busy schedule, but I felt so bad that the Birthday Elf didn't come this morning (a Rugh Family tradition), that I decided to get his presents ready. When he came home from work, the presents were there on the bed! Here's how his surprise went... He opened the first gift and got:

So... He's still figuring out what his gift is... THEN! VIOLA! The hairnet comes off and....

He's the birthday boy. What he says goes, so here are the pictures from his presents on the bed! (Note the very special Sponge Bob paper. I bought it special for him... It also appears the mullet was a hit.) Actually, maybe I'll take a second to explain the mullet. You see, Matt is OBSESSED with mullets. He is like a mullet hound. He can find a mullet quicker than anybody in a room full of people! In fact, he (and some unnamed friends) in Italy took pictures of every mullet they found. He even has a T-shirt that says "Mullet Crew" on it. Mullets are the best things since sliced bread to him. Perhaps you heard us in the video mention "Business in the front, party in the back." It's his life motto... or, at least, NOW it is.

Anyway, on to more presents.

One Year Through the Bible with Francis Chan's Crazy Love.

A pair of Wrangler jeans (GORGEOUS) from Wal-Mart.

A pair of Western boots... Wal-Mart is a great place to buy nice things cheaply & often on sale for cheaper! :)

AND for his birthday he got to be the KING at A Knight for Murder.

Joel, our housemate, took pictures of us before we left. Here is an array of photos from the night.

We are two suspicious characters.

Matt busted out in opera...

I'm not very good at configuring this blog... but the people (family) standing together under the tapestry near the stairs--- the Malones/Livingstons are the ones that made our evening possible and so much fun!

Matt, with his King T-shirt on CRACKED me up! When he tore off his Kingly Ruffle...THAT was underneath! (We didn't make it to the car before that guy was out of his entire costume! Street clothes only in the car!)

We had a blast. I must say, though, that Matt and I BOTH won awards last night! Matt had the most money (that's why I married him!) at the end of the game... (we both took money from people if they treated us with the slightest bit of disrespect), and I won "Best Performance!" Okay. No DRAMA QUEEN jokes, alright? I'm so embarrassed. I just really got a kick out of being the queen... that's all. Let's just say I made people stand up and tell me jokes, and also I had someone stand up to tell a tale to me in rhyme. We were all thoroughly entertained.

OH! Before I go--- Matt is wanting me to take him to Wal-Mart to exchange the boots for the right size--- I wanted to tell you that Katie Harrison (we're posed together on the drawbridge) made this night a blast for us. She loaned me the awesome dress, she got us involved with those friends, and she also signed us up for the murder mystery! She is a great and loving friend. Tonight we are going to her family's home in Atlanta, TX to have a bonfire with the young adult group. We're so excited!

Well, Matt's been waiting. I hope you enjoyed reading about our silly evening! :)

And by the way... we WEREN'T the murderers! (WHEW!)


  1. What a fun post!!! I'm glad Matt had a fun birthday. (And Crazy Love is a GREAT book!)

  2. Matt looks so good with a mullet. It's like all his childhood dreams came true right then and there. I seriously think you should let him grow one. That, or let him wear that wig more often. :)


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