Monday, August 8, 2011

I Got to Visit with Matt....

Hi, All!  Yesterday, Sunday, I talked with Matt on Skype for about an hour and a half.  It was really nice to catch up on everything... but of course I thought of more to say afterward, so it was great that he called me again today! 

He is doing well.  He seems very joyful, and he's doing a lot of hard work creating charts of the measurements and buildings' needs. (Soon he'll work on drawings.)  He's met some really neat people--- all of the doctors are Americans, it seems.  Indigenous people work at the hospital.  He said many of them speak "Pidgin English." He said it's pretty hard to understand them even though it is a form of English. 

He is staying in a motel-like building.  He has his own room, so he didn't know the answer when I asked if Bob was sleeping enough. (Bob is notorious for working late into the nights...)

He said the food is kind of like American food, and it's pretty good. Tonight he had home-made doughnuts at Dr. Sparks' house. He is the main doctor who organizes the volunteers, I gathered.  He said he DOES miss my cooking, but that those doughnuts would be pretty hard to beat.  :)

He said Bob is doing well and creating these amazing drawings.  Matt is in awe, I perceived.  I'm so thankful (as is Matt) that he has this great opportunity with Bob.  

Please keep praying for their health, safety, and productiveness for The Kingdom!  :)  THANK YOU!!!!

This is Mbingo Baptist Hospital where Matt is at work right now!

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  1. Nice post. And I like your new picture at the top.


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