Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Jan Schill

I received an e-mail from Jan, Bob's wife!  She shared some great information, and she gave the go-ahead to pass it on to you as well.  Here it is:

Monday evening, August 8, 2011

I finally made contact with Bob on Saturday morning.  Matt, the architect who is with him, had SKYPE on.  We couldn't talk, but could Instant Message.  I found out they had arrived safely and were settled in at the Mbingo hospital.

Sunday morning Bob called me on SKYPE and we had a great connection for about 15 minutes.

He had attended the Mbingo Baptist Church that morning.  He estimated there were about 300 people there.  They preach in English and they give a summary in French. 

In the afternoon, they took a jeep ride around the hospital property.  He said it is a huge area.  On the site are mountains, dams, waterfalls, a landing strip.  They also have a helicopter.  The hospital treats about 80,000 people a year with about 10,000 of those staying at the hospital.

They have never had a comprehensive Master Plan done or done any preplanning before building..  There are about 1,500 buildings on the site.  I'm sure many are very small.  They are needing to expand so Bob will begin the plan while there and finish it by the end of December.  The hospital has received some grant money, so need to have a plan to show them.

Bob said there were quite a few American doctors around.  He thought they stayed about one month and during that time work with and train the Cameroon doctors.

Bob said they have mostly western type food.  It has rained almost everyday.  He thought they would be working in another building, but decided it would be easier to set up in their rooms.  He and Matt each have a fairly large room with 2 or 3 beds and a bathroom. 

Bob said he was feeling good and enjoying being there.


Thank you for praying!!!  Please keep it up!  :)

Bob and Matt at TECH working on a model of a church.

Bob and Matt working

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