Sunday, September 27, 2009

Matt - 1, Bees - 3; A Fairly True Story and Score

It's the ninth inning, and the Bees are winning. Cleverly positioning themselves in the crevasse between the outer stone layer of the house and the window frame, the Honey Bees have been able to form the perfect defense against the Matt Attack. Matt pulls the old solid-stream-of-wasp-spray trick, but the Bees are only tickled! They fly in front of the goal, chortling as Matt uses the entire can of poison against them. Not a Bee falls. Matt - 0, Bees - 1. Matt drives to Wal-Mart, purchases another can of Wasp/Hornet spray. Not a Bee falls, but the red ants come out to watch the game. Matt - -1, Bees - 2.

Matt spends time asking several coaches for a new game plan. Meanwhile the Bees are buzzing about some excitement. It's HONEY! Their hive is prospering! The coaches suggest he continue to use a similar offense plan, but to use a different poison.

Matt takes some time to groom his part of the field. Pushing the lawn mower, a member of the Bees decides to attack out of the blue! The Bee decides to pull the Oops-I-Got-Stuck-in-His-Hair-So-I-Had-To-Sting-Him routine! Matt is very surprised by the Bee Sting he received on the top of his head! Matt - -2, Bees 3.

He leaves the field.

The crowd (Molly and Joel) is silently watching--- silently, if you exclude screaming and running around away from the Bees. (That wasn't Joel.)

Matt comes back out to the field. In his hand he holds a red spray bottle of something! What is it? Why, it looks like it's the simple flying-insect-killer offense! He aims and sprays.

What is this? Slowly Bees begin to abandon the hive. Some are falling!

Matt- 0, Bees 3.

More fall!

Matt- 1, Bees 3.

He goes inside to get something he's had up his sleeve... or... inside. It is a long ribbon of fly traps!!!! He plans to push it into the crevasse with a paint stick.

Suddenly he stops. He watches the swarming Bees.

He decides to return when they're in bed. Maybe he'll trick 'em better then.

To be continued...

(Good luck, Matt!)


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