Friday, September 25, 2009


I wrote a song. You may listen, but only if you'll consider finding a solution to my dilemma. (The dilemma is stated in the recording.)

Listen and enjoy!


  1. I vote for "Speak to Me."

    Also, I think it needs the "Hawaii" thing. ;)

    Great song! I wish our Fruit group (why can't I remember our name?!?) could sing it...

  2. Oh, and Eloise keeps making me play it over and over--she's singing along in Mormor's microphone/tape recorder. :)

  3. I do like Jessica's choice or here are some I thought of

    I Need Your Help

    Your Hand

    My Provider

  4. I like...Lord, Speak to Me.


  5. I agree. Speak to me sounds nice. The kids like it too, it made everyone come running to the computer to listen. Peyton requested the "No Song" next, please!

    Love you...keep up the good work!


  6. LOVE the song... LOVE the piano... u r amazing... and it makes me want to have a piano in our house so you and people like you can play it when you are visiting! :) Anyway, since I've now listened to your song at least twice, if not thrice, I must repay my debt: what about a title that is a little less direct... like "I'm Listeneing" or "I Will Listen" or something to that effect... So, how soon can I expect that song will be on my Pandora rotation? ;)

    Miss ya, Jenna

  7. I like all the title suggestions so far...    My first thought was like Darryl's: "Provider."

    But Jenna has a good idea, too.

    (Now I gotta figure out if Peyton was naming it "No Song" or if he was tired of hearing it!)

    I sure miss hearing your singing, but I do have some decent recordings!   (Exclusive!   I will sell them for high prices!)


  8. Wow! I liked all the comments you got. But I'm with Daddy... what was Peyton referring to? I mean, I've heard of songs called "The Unnamed Song" or "Untitled Hymn." Maybe Peyton is on to something???

    As for my input... I like the other ideas, but I also thought of something like "A Missionary's Prayer." or something that talks about who you are. Or even "A Servent's Prayer." or "Your Child's Prayer." or something really cool and clever... mmkay! I'm done. G'bye! :)


  9. Hey Girl,

    I like Jessica's idea! I love the song though, it made me cry and I don't know if it was more because I miss hearing you sing or because it was so good.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  10. Molly, you have a beautiful voice! This song was wonderful - almost made me cry. I like the idea of "Missionary's Prayer" or "A Servant's Prayer". They seem most fitting to me. (P.S. I loved the chords, they reminded me a lot of the chords in "Let it Be.") And can I make a request? More songs! I enjoyed that song way more than any song played on the radio!


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