Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sam Update

Sammy just turned 3 months a week ago, so we were hoping to do a quick update. We want to officially announce: he is brilliant--- quite ahead of the game! This week he moved a toy from his left hand to his right hand, he raises his head 90 degrees when on his tummy, and he "coos" along with music! Yup! Brilliant.
Life at home is good. Sammy and "Mommy" are getting into a routine, and enjoying spending time together. "Daddy" and Sam spend a lot of time on the weekends walking and playing outside while Mommy, well, does other mom-stuff.

Sammy has had his first baby-sitter! Gail (Molly's close friend) sat with him once for a few hours while Molly went out and also while she cleaned at home, and she has agreed to again while we go out for our anniversary. We are very excited for that date, but find that we are always excited to see Sammy again!

It MIGHT be that Sam is teething early (told you he was ahead of the game). He has been gnawing on his fingers and drooling all over everything. People keep asking if he is... so we say, "Maybe!" (We have no idea, but it sounds like Matt's siblings and he all teethed a little early).

Thanks for praying for Sam. There is sooooo much more going on to share, so we will do that soon. We are putting together our newsletter now, but will have more info about TECH interns and Northwood news!  Also, we just looked at photos from out vacation to Illinois, and we are EXCITED to tell you about our reunion and seeing family.

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  1. What a cute outfit for a little cutie!! He definately was worth the wait.:) Happy Anniversary Matt & Molly!


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