Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Updates

I've been weak at writing... I'll try to update y'all on the goings on!

Matt IS going to Africa in a week.  He'll head to Atlanta where he'll meet Bob Schill; from there they'll fly to Paris, then into Cameroon, Africa.  The work? They need to work on some designs for an existing HUGE hospital in the area.  Western hospitals are rare, but needed.  You can read the info in our last post, if interested in Cameroon. Please pray Matt will be effective as a teammate, and also come home safely to his waiting wife.

Our house is almost done! It has been 8 months since we bought the house, and we've had some wonderful help with fixing it up. We've gutted the entire thing and had the electric done, the walls insulated and rebuilt, we mudded, sanded, painted, put flooring down (in a couple rooms we had to put a FLOOR down...), built counters, cut cabinets from existing cabinets donated to us(!), cut trim for the rooms, doors, window, began sewing curtains... All of this in 6 rooms.  We are GRATEFUL for this house. It is the cutest thing now... still quite quirky, as both of us had NEVER done any of this, really, before.  But it's wonderful! Praise God for how He provides!

Some TECH Team responsibilities are changing. I'm a graphic designer at MTT, as you probably know, and in the last few months, my manager has started focusing me on advertising-like projects. PR kinds of things.  I'm having a blast.  Still doing the design work, but I've also started on our Facebook presence, e-mail ads, bulletin ads, and program ads. Pretty fun stuff! 

What else? Feel free to leave a comment regarding anything I should blog about, as I've been feeling a little bit uncertain what to put up!  Thanks!!!  :)

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