Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Becoming a Texan

It's been a HOT couple of weeks!

We have had high humidity and temps around 104 degrees F.  Up until about 5 days ago we did not have air conditioning in the house, either!  We were fixing up the house with fans on and hoping for great cross-breezes.

But, alas, it was a difficult feat... and we were defeated.  :(

So we ran to Home Depot and picked up an air conditioner to put in the dining room, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE IT MADE!  WOW!  We actually enjoyed working in that room!

Then Friday, after my lessons, I got a call from Gail asking if I was still at the church and would I come over for a second.  I said okay, and ran over to her house.  Ron stuck an air conditioning unit in our car!!!  They happened to have a spare unit!  They just handed it to us, free of charge!

So now we are sleeping a lot better, let me tell you!

Yesterday we came home from TECH Team, and when we got in the house it felt so nice!  The dining room unit was on very low (to help the floor adhesive cure), and I went into the bedroom to plop down on the bed.  The bedroom felt great, too, only the air was off!

I said, "Matt isn't it crazy how our house feels so nice, even though the air isn't even on in here?"

Matt reached over to turn on the unit, and noticed the temperature. "Yeah, especially since it's 92 degrees in here!  You're becoming a Texan!"

I guess that's the latest news... I'm becoming a Texan!

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