Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprises and Trials While in Cedarville, Ohio

As you know, lately we've been basically writing about the new house and our projects, and we don't share too much personal information anymore, other than our newsletters or prayer requests.  But today I'd like to share some personal info, if it's okay.
Cedarville... Without snow!!! (Not taken by us!)

We're currently in Cedarville, Ohio, at a missions conference.  We are two of about 100 missionaries here, and it's been really neat learning from the other missionaries on our recruiting adventure.  We even ran into two missionaries from Josiah Venture who serve in the Czech Republic and know our good friend, Bonnie!  What a treat to have that connection. 

And speaking of connections, the people who are housing us during this conference are the Johnsons.  They work at Cedarville, and have been gracious enough to open their home; they even came onto campus to see us during supper last night because we haven't seen them much with the busy schedule of the conference!  (Very sweet of them!)  Anyway, turns out that another of our good friends, Darryl, is related to them!!!  Mrs. Johnson is Darryl's grandfather's sister (his great aunt)!  What are the odds?!  How fun.

In the midst of the fun and interesting experiences we are having this week and know we'll have with family next week, we are also incredibly sad.  On Tuesday morning we found out that our friend, Larry Wiklund, a TECH missionary, had passed away earlier that day.

Larry had a struggle with rheumatoid arthritis, another kind of arthritis as well, and he was treated for Alzheimer's.  He retired in April 2010,, and the Graphics Department is still working to get a foothold after losing his presence in the office.  

Matt and I have known Larry for a year and a half, and in that time he has become very dear to us.  His death is a shock, and we're grieving.  

I share this knowing that you'll pray for his family, the Wiklunds, and I hope that you'll pray that TECH be a comfort to them.  :)


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  1. I am so sad and sorry for your loss and for the loss of all of those at Tech (and especially Larry's family). I am praying for you all. I loved hearing stories about how sweet Larry was... and I am happy to know that He is with Jesus and has a completely perfect body- worshiping his Savior. :D


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