Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fun Projects.

Here are a couple fun projects I got to do this week! 

Westside Christian Academy Deluxe Retractable.  It's so cool to see it in print.  I had about 15 proofs in all for Westside to look over and adjust.  It was a neat experience and made me reminisce the life of a teacher.  (It still catches me off-guard to NOT have work to do at home after work each night.  I feel very uncomfortable going home with only a purse and returning to work the same way!)
 Note:  You observant folk out there may have noticed my new glasses.  Can I put in a quick ad for America's Best?  Thanks!  Two pairs of glasses for $50.00!!!  AND a free eye exam.  Can't beat it!  When I realized I couldn't read street signs anymore, I knew it was time to go in.  Hooray for computer jobs!
This is a game board I made for deputation trips.  It gives TECH missionaries an opportunity to play a game with the church/kids/families and tell them more about TECH at the same time.  This is my first project that I did the preliminary work in Adobe Illustrator.  Er... that's not entirely true.  This is the first project that I designed my own line structures in Adobe Illustrator.  How does that song go?  "Movin' on up!"  


  1. So, I wasn't observant enough to notice your new glasses. But I WAS observant enough to notice that game bored was in the shape of a fish. Go me! :)

    (I thought you were going to blog about Peach House?)

  2. I said bored. I meant board. Wa wa wa. I'm sorry.

  3. Girl, I'll blog about the peach house soon... :)


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