Thursday, September 16, 2010

Recently in Graphics...

In graphics I've been working on a few new designs, and I thought I'd share some. Several of these are designs that the missionary had already, basically, decided what it should look like, and my job was to try to make it work. :) Those jobs are probably the most difficult, because I have to try to think like the other person and also apply what I know about a good design... some of these are better than others, but I think the design I really like is the header for a medium display. Here, let me show you!

(A ShowStyle display that folds up like a brief case)

(A Business card-sized prayer card-- Front on top, Back below)

(Panels for a ShowStyle Display)

(A Prayer card--- postcard sized)

(Panels and Header for a Showstyle Display)

(Header for a Medium Tabletop Display)


  1. very cool, sister. :) i'm proud of you. you do cool work. :)

  2. Nice work, little lady!  By the way, those of us that have OLD computers running Internet Explorer 6 cannot see the horizontal banner for some reason.  It does work when I go to Mozilla Firefox.


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